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Affordable Dentures in Charlotte

Effective and Affordable Dentures

Dentures are an effective and affordable option for missing teeth. These dental appliances help regain functionality in terms of speaking and eating. They may also provide a more aesthetically-pleasing smile. There are two primary types of dentures:
  • Partial dentures are generally recommended when the patient still has some remaining teeth.
  • Complete dentures are recommended for patients who have lost all of their teeth.
Dentures can help greatly improve the overall look of your teeth. We are here to help you achieve your dental goals, whether you are choosing partial or complete dentures in Charlotte.

Our Denture Procedure

Partial dentures consist of a metal framework that is anchored to the remaining natural teeth. Unlike implants, partial dentures are removable. Depending on the condition of your remaining teeth and other mouth structures, crowns may be used to strengthen your teeth and stabilize the dentures. Once the tissues have healed from extraction, which may take several months, an impression of your mouth will be taken. From the impression, a mockup of the denture will be made in a laboratory. As soon as the laboratory sends a mockup of the denture, you will undergo a fitting. When you are happy with the color, fit and appearance of the mockup, a conventional full denture will be made. A final fitting will be made with the denture and adjustments.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures can be used during the healing period. Patients use immediates to help them get used to having dentures. It is also used as a temporary replacement during the extraction healing process, which can sometimes take weeks or months. Once the healing period is over, the immediate is then removed and the conventional full dentures are placed in your mouth.

What Do New Dentures Feel Like?

Wearing new dentures can feel odd for several weeks until you get used to wearing them. The dentures may feel slightly loose or uncomfortable until the muscles of the tongue and cheeks learn how to keep the dentures in place. Minor soreness or irritation may occur at first, but usually diminishes as the mouth adjusts to the new appliance. Dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth, but there will only be a slight change in your appearance. It will also take time to get used to chewing with your new dentures.  

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Dentures can last a long time if properly cared for. However, some patients may need to have their dentures adjusted, realigned or rebased due to normal wear and tear, aging, or changes that occur normally in the mouth. Contact us today at 704-752-7602 or visit our dental office near Charlotte and Ballantyne to learn more about our quality and affordable dentures. You may also book an appointment via our 24/7 online scheduling system.

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