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Dental Bridges in Charlotte

Quality yet Affordable Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to “bridge” the gap between your teeth that are caused by one or more missing teeth. These are dental prosthetics that generally consist of two abutment teeth and the false teeth. The two abutment teeth are placed on each side of the missing teeth space, while the false teeth fill–in the gaps between the two abutments. The abutment teeth are crown-like prosthetics that anchor the false teeth into place. Some of these dental bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented directly onto the existing teeth or implants. These types of dental bridges can only be removed by a professional dentist.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Having one or more missing teeth can cause the remaining natural teeth to shift or rotate in the mouth. When this happens, you may have a poor bite, gum disease, and other various dental disorders. A dental bridge can fill in the gap between missing teeth to avoid oral and health complications. The primary benefits of dental bridges include:
  • A more aesthetically-pleasing smile
  • Increased ability to speak and chew food better
  • Enhances the shape of the face
  • Proper bite placement
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from moving out of position

Types of Dental Bridges

Here are three basic types of dental bridges:
  • Traditional fixed bridges include porcelain fused to metal or ceramic crowns with a filler tooth or teeth in between.
  • Cantilever bridges are used on patients who have natural teeth on only one side of the gap.
  • Maryland bonded bridges are made of porcelain fused to metal. It features metal “wings” on each side of the bridge which are bonded to natural teeth.

What Is It Like After Getting a Bridge?

Most patients find it easier to eat and speak after getting a dental bridge. Individuals who have missing teeth tend to have difficulty in eating, speaking and smiling. Getting used to the device in your mouth takes time. We recommend a soft diet to patients who just got their dental bridge. You may also stick to small bites of food until you become accustomed to chewing with your dental bridge. Dr. Schwartz highly recommends for patients to regularly clean their dental bridges and to visit Carolina Dentistry @ The StateLine for regular checkups. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, your dental bridge can last anywhere from five to fifteen years or more.

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