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Tooth Filling in Charlotte

Professional Tooth Filling

Tooth or dental filling is a type of dental restoration performed on patients with irreversible decay or cavities. For individuals who have suffered tooth damage from tooth grinding, as well as fractured and cracked teeth, a dental filling may be recommended. During a routine filling, the decay in the tooth is removed and cleaned. Once, the tooth is cleaned and dried, the filling material is then used to fill the area of the affected tooth. Carolina Dentistry @ The Stateline provides comprehensive and professional tooth filling services in Charlotte. Our goal is to help patients achieve good oral health and hygiene.

What Type of Fillings Are Available?

There are several type of filling materials used in tooth filling procedures. Each of these medical-grade materials offers optimal benefits to patients. The type of filling to be used for your tooth filling will depend on several factors including any allergies to certain materials, the location of the affected tooth, and the extent of the damage. Here are the most common types of tooth filling materials:
  • Cast Gold is one of the most durable tooth filling options. This type of filling material has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. It does not corrode and can withstand strong chewing forces.
  • Silver (Amalgam) is similar to cast gold. Amalgams can also last between 10 and 15 years but are less expensive than cast gold.
  • Composite is a tooth-colored filling. This material is the most aesthetically pleasing dental filling because of its natural color. They are also chemically bonded on the tooth.
  • A porcelain filling is fabricated in a laboratory and bonded to the tooth. It can be made to match the color of the tooth. This type of filling is also stain-resistant.
Our doctors will conduct a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your dental condition. Once we know the extent of damage to your teeth, we will recommend the type of filling that suits your needs.

What Does a Tooth Filling Involve?

A tooth filling is one of the most frequently performed dental treatments. The procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic onto the gums. This is to numb the area around the affected tooth. After applying the anesthesia, a dental drill is used to remove the decayed area of your tooth. Once all the decay is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all debris and bacteria. When the tooth is cleaned, the filling material is then applied. The tooth-colored filling often requires extra steps. The composite needs to be “cured” with a special or UV light that hardens the filling material.

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Are you suffering from tooth decay? Is the dentin of your tooth damaged? Carolina Dentistry @ The Stateline provides quality yet affordable dental filling in Charlotte that will brush away tooth decay as well as the damaged tooth. We may perform a dental x-ray to determine the extent of decay and damage. We ensure safe, durable, and effective dental filling procedures. Contact us today at 704-752-7602 to learn more about our tooth filling options in Charlotte. You may also book an appointment through our 24/7 online scheduling system.

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