Patient Information


  • Check in with the receptionist
  • An assistant will bring you back and make sure you’re comfortable
  • Our dental professionals will review your medical health history with you.
  • We will discuss any prior dental experiences or concerns you may have so you can feel comfortable during your visit.
  • Your comprehensive exam will include an initial screening to determine what x-rays are needed, followed by a cleaning, oral cancer screening and periodontal charting.
  • Following the comprehensive exam your dentist will do a thorough examination and discuss your current oral health and make  recommendations for treatments if needed.
  • At this time you can discuss any desires you may have for elective dental treatments such as replacing missing teeth, whitening, orthodontics, or any other cosmetic procedures.


As a new patient to Carolina Dentistry @ The Stateline, we request that you print and sign the first five documents and bring them to your first appointment. The “Receipt of Privacy Notice” is for your records. The “Patient Release of Information” must be signed if your are transferring dental records from another office. The “Authorization to Consent to Health Care for a Minor” is to be used if someone other than the parent or guardian will make consent to care. Each form is a PDF for convenient downloading and printing. Feel free to call us at (704) 752-7602 if should have any issues or questions regarding our patient and privacy forms.

New Patient Form

Notice of Privacy Policy

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