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Teeth Whitening in Charlotte, NC

Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist in Charlotte, NC

Teeth staining is the most popular complaint in the world of dentistry. Fortunately, advanced technology in teeth whitening allows patients to undergo treatments that are safe and effective. Teeth whitening is the most requested dental treatment in the industry, mainly due to the knockout results. While over-the-counter treatments are everywhere, in-office whitening gives the most effective result.

Reasons for Undergoing Teeth Whitening Treatment

The outer layer of a tooth is referred to as enamel. This thin outer shell is the hardest tissue in the body. It protects the rest of the tooth from damage. Over time, the enamel wears down becoming prone to stains and discolorations. Aging causes teeth to appear less bright as the enamel begins to thin and darken. Other reasons for teeth staining include:
  • The use of tobacco products
  • Frequently drinking dark-colored liquids, such as cola, coffee, red wine, and tea
  • Consuming certain foods, such as berries, sauces, and sweets containing coloring agents
  • Improper dental hygiene and brushing habits
  • Too much fluoride as a child when the teeth are forming

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

The in-office teeth whitening process is simple. The professional treatment shouldn’t cause pain or discomfort. During the procedure, whitening gel is placed on the teeth visible when smiling. After a short period of time, the gel is removed and fresh product is applied on the teeth. Intense light starts the bleaching process. The final result depends on the original condition of the teeth.

Maintaining Your Teeth Whitening Results

Extend your dazzling results with regular at-home care. After your appointment, avoid dark-colored foods and beverages for at least one week. This prevents staining and discoloration. When possible, sip any dark-colored drinks through a straw to minimize teeth staining. Regular brushing and flossing habits as well as dental cleanings are the best strategy for maintaining your whitened smile. Finally, we recommend follow-up tooth whitening procedures to maintain satisfying results. For more information on our teeth whitening procedures, contact, Dr. Schwartz, our Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist today (704) 752-7602.

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