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General Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte General Dentistry: Quality Dental Care for All Ages

At Carolina Dentistry @ The StateLine, our Charlotte dentist is committed to educating our patients on healthy dental care. We also provide comprehensive preventive dentistry services for all ages. We take the time to understand your unique needs for general dentistry. Dr. Schwartz is a strong advocate of educating each and every client about how to best take care of their oral health. Our staff takes the time to work with you individually and help you keep your teeth in exceptional shape. At Carolina Dentistry @ The StateLine, we take systems approach to providing preventive dentistry in Charlotte and surroundings areas (primarily Charlotte, NC). If it’s been six months since your last dental checkup, then it’s time to contact us today and schedule your next appointment! Below are some examples of how we practice general dentistry in Charlotte, NC:

Comprehensive Exams

As a premier general dentist office in Charlotte, each of our dental procedures start with an examination. In a new patient comprehensive exam, all perimeters of the oral cavity are examined and documented as a baseline. Missing and present teeth, prior fillings and crowns are all recorded. The health of the gums and bone which support the teeth are also documented as well as checking for a healthy bite and jaw joint (TMJ). An oral cancer screening is also performed.

Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings are recommended for most individuals every 6 months. The tartar or calculus that builds up and adheres to the teeth can only be removed by a professional cleaning. Without this removal of tartar further gum disease can develop. If periodontal (gum) disease is already present in various stages, a simple dental cleaning will not suffice, a periodontal cleaning may be necessary.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are a tooth colored material that is applied to the biting surfaces of the teeth and bonds into the grooves on the teeth where cleaning is most difficult. They are an efficient procedure used to prevent cavities. They are often placed on back molars and pre-molars.

Fluoride Treatment

The use of fluoride has been known to greatly reduce the incident of dental decay of well over 50 years now. The various ways that professional fluoride has been delivered in the dental office has greatly improved. Today, fluoride varnish is far more pleasing form of delivery and with greater lasting effect to adjunct the use of daily fluoride in over the counter toothpaste.

Digital X-rays

In general dentistry over the past fifteen years, digital x-rays have become the standard of care. The capability for enhanced diagnosis of disease, along with the need for far lower levels of radiation has made this advancement in dentistry a positive step for all concerned. In addition, digital x-rays can easily be forwarded via email over the internet.

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