Tooth Fillings


Tooth fillings are a type of dental restoration used on patients with irreversible decay or cavities. During a routine filling, the decayed portion of tooth is drilled and removed. Filling material is then used to fill the area of decayed tooth that was previously removed. Dental fillings may also be recommended to repair broken or cracked teeth, as well as teeth that have suffered damage from misuse, such as from tooth grinding. Our Charlotte, NC dental office offers comprehensive, professional tooth filling services


Today, there are several types of filling materials used by dentists, each with their own set of benefits. The type of filling best for your tooth will depend on several factors, such as any allergies to certain materials, where in the mouth the tooth is located, and the extent of the damage. The most common filling materials include:

  • Cast Gold: One of the most durable options, cast gold has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, will never corrode, and can withstand strong chewing forces.
  • Silver (Amalgams): Like gold, silver fillings can last between 10 and 15 years, but are less expensive than cast gold.
  • Composite: Tooth-colored composite fillings are among the most aesthetically-pleasing, due to their natural color. They are also chemically bonded to the tooth.
  • Porcelain: A porcelain filling is produced in a lab and bonded to the tooth. It can be matched to the color of the natural tooth and is resistant to staining.


This frequently performed procedure begins with a local anesthetic into the gums to numb the area around the tooth. The dentist will then use a hand drill to remove the decayed area of tooth. Once all decayed material is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate debris and bacteria. The tooth is then filled with a filling material. Tooth-colored fillings often require extra steps, specifically the “curing” of the tooth material with a special light that hardens the composite material.

Not sure if you have a cavity that needs to be filled? Our dentist will perform a thorough examination and possibly x-ray your mouth to determine if decay is present. For more information about our tooth filling services, contact our Charlotte Restorative Dentistry today.