TMJ Disorders

TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders are very common. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint which plays a role similar to a hinge connecting the jawbone to the skull. The best advice we can give our patients as dental care providers is to always seek the advice & treatment from your dental professional.

What are the symptoms of TMJ disorders?
• Pain around the ears
• Difficulty opening or closing the jaw
• Tenderness of the jaw
• Discomfort while chewing

The cause of TMJ disorders can be difficult to pin point but are often associated with jaw trauma or arthritis.

What can you do to alleviate the discomfort?

• Eat softer foods
• Avoid hard or sticky foods
• Practice some form of relaxation techniques

A night guard may also be recommended by your treating dentist. A night guard helps to protect the teeth and train the muscles to relax during sleep to help prevent damage from clenching or grinding. If you think you may suffer from a TMJ disorder, it’s always best to inform your dentist. We recognize the symptoms for TMJ disorders and understand the discomfort it can cause.

Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine has over 25 years of private practice dental experience so we know firsthand the symptoms & effects TMJ disorders have on our dental patients. Our goal is to provide top quality dentistry for you, your family & friends. Call today to book your consult.