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Gum Grafting in Charlotte, NC

Professional Gum Grafting

Periodontitis or the inflammation of gum tissue may cause the gums to pull away from the teeth. When the gums recede, bacteria and plaque have the opportunity to enter the moist pockets that form between the gums and teeth. Gum grafting can help prevent periodontal infections. It can also prevent the risk of losing a tooth. This dental procedure can be performed to reverse the harmful effects of gum recession.

Main Benefits Of Gum Grafting

Here are several key benefits of having a gum grafting procedure performed:

  1. Gum grafting can decrease the risk of bone loss.
  2. It prevents the risk of further recession by protecting the tooth from decay and bacteria.
  3. It can prevent tooth sensitivity by covering the part of the tooth that exposes the roots.
  4. Gum grafting can also improve the look of your smile by providing a more even gum line.

Our Gum Grafting Procedure

Gum grafting is a type of oral surgery that uses a local anesthetic to numb the mouth and prevent pain. During the procedure, gum tissue is harvested from the roof of the mouth to use as new gum tissue.

Incisions are made in the gums to create a pouch where the donor material is inserted. A flap of gum tissue is then placed over the donor material and stitched to close. The graft will then gradually integrate with your gums as the area heals.

Gum Grafting Post-Surgery Period

Recovering from a gum graft procedure takes several weeks. However, any discomfort usually starts to diminish within days after surgery.

For about a week following the procedure, it is best to stick with soft-diet foods, such as yogurt, Jell-O, and eggs. Over-the-counter pain relief medication can be used to minimize any pain.

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