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Side Effects Of An Untreated Toothache

There are a variety of reasons why you don’t call your dentist right away when you have a toothache.  It could be fear, finances or just a lack of time to make the appointment. However, ignoring the pain can have several very dire long term consequences – depending on the reason for your toothache. This article will help you understand where toothaches come from and why you should always seek emergency dental treatment should the situation arise.

What causes toothaches?

Toothache is always caused by some sort of bacterial infection within your mouth. The infection can be as simple as a cavity that needs to be filled or as serious an abscess that needs to be disinfected. Other causes of toothache include; gingivitis, dental injury, and emerging wisdom teeth.

What are the possible complications of an untreated toothache?

While toothache is incredibly painful within itself, always remember that the pain is a symptom of a bigger problem. Even if you can power through it, doesn’t mean you should.  If your toothache is caused by a more serious infection like an abscess, the untreated can experience a variety of serious complications including tooth loss, bacterial blood infection or mediastinitis, an inflammation of the space between the lungs. The infection may spread to the soft tissue of the mouth and face and can cause pneumonia and even brain abscesses.

Why You Should Always See Your Dentist If You Have A Toothache

As this article explains, toothaches are almost always caused by a bacterial infection and an untreated infection can lead to several serious complications. This is why we always recommend that our Carolina Dentistry @ The StateLine patients make an appointment as soon as they begin to experience pain. Early treatment will help alleviate any pain and stop the infection before it spreads and becomes more serious. If you have a toothache and need to make an appointment, click here.
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