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Sick of All Those Fillings? Take Care Of Your Teeth!

take care of your teethAt least one in five Americans has one or more cavities that haven’t been treated. There are plenty of reasons for this, of course, but they all fall into the category of improper dental hygiene. Some of us constantly need new fillings, and that isn’t just super annoying, but quite pricey as well.

Your best bet for preventing serious tooth decay or needing too many more fillings is simple: visit your dentist on a consistent basis for professional dental care, and take care of your teeth. It really is that easy, because without a skilled dentist helping you strengthen your teeth, you’ll likely have some major dental issues that arise as you progress through life.

Here are a few additional things you can do at home to prevent tooth decay and cut down on the amount of fillings you need:

  • Scale back your unhealthy habits — If you constantly eat candy and other sweets, clearly your teeth will be in jeopardy of falling out or being damaged. Sugary foods and snacks that are high in carbohydrates and sugars lead to high amounts of bacteria inside your mouth, causing severe problems. If you’re serious about avoiding serious dental issues, limit the amount of sweets you eat on a daily basis. Likewise, smoking is a horrible habit that puts you at much higher risk for significant tooth decay. We’re not saying you need to immediately eliminate all vices from your life, but scaling back your bad habits is a great home remedy for dental health.
  • Address dry mouth immediately — Although too much salvia can be a problem itself, saliva is necessary for preventing dental issues. Saliva actually washes away food and sugars that would otherwise build up and harm teeth, so you should address any dry mouth problems right away. Keep in mind that alcohol and smoking both dry out your mouth. (take care of your teeth)
  • Brush and floss much more than once a day — For some reason, many people believe brushing once and flossing only a few days a week can prevent tooth decay. That’s not true at all, and you’ll need to brush and floss much more than that if you want to hold onto all of your natural teeth for a long time to come. You should brush in the morning and before you go to sleep and floss every day as well.

Whether you are in need of a filling, have a broken tooth, or just want a thorough teeth cleaning, you need to visit a trusted local dentist. Contact a dentist near you today and get your great smile back.

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