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Our Top 5 Worst Habits For Your Teeth

Let’s admit it, we all have bad habits. Some of our habits are not so great for the health of our teeth. Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine has put together our top 5 worst behaviors for your teeth.

Sucking On Candy We all know sugar filled candy isn’t good for our teeth or our health. However, many people still overindulge in candy every day. Sucking or prolonged exposure to candy is bad for your teeth. Sucking on candy especially in the same place in your mouth exposes the teeth over and over again to sugar greatly increasing your chances for tooth decay.

Playing Contact Sports Without An Appropriate Mouth Guard Sports are great for physical activity. Playing sports without protecting yourself well, not so much. Mouth guards help protect your teeth from chipping, breaking or even getting knocked out.

Using The Wrong Toothbrush Using the wrong toothbrush twice a day everyday can cause serious gum harm. Medium and hard bristled toothbrushes can cause receding gums and enamel erosion.

Chewing On Ice Chewing on ice is a definite no no! Ice is incredibly strong and can cause fractures, chips and breaking of teeth. Save the ice for your cup and save your teeth!

Constant Coffee or Soda Sipping Exposing the mouth to sugars and acidity cause havoc on your teeth. The constant exposure to sugar bathes the teeth increasing the chances for decay. Also acidic drinks constantly sipped don’t allow the mouth to neutralize.

It’s time to break those bad habits. There are more habits or behaviors that fit into this list but attempts to change for the best can be done. We look forward to providing great dental care for you and your family.

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