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Dental Sealants: How Do They Work? How Long Do They Last? And Do They Hurt?

Almost all U.S. adults (99.7%) surveyed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry believe that a healthy smile is socially important. Unfortunately, achieving and maintaining a healthy smile is much easier said than done. (dental sealants procedure)

That’s where professional dental care comes in.

From teeth cleaning to dental crowns, there are dozens of options available for you to consider in order to improve your dental hygiene, strengthen your smile, and give you a happier outlook on life. Perhaps an underrated dental option that you might want to consider: dental sealants.

Dental sealants are treatments intended to prevent tooth decay.

How do they work?

Teeth have recesses on their biting surfaces, the back having fissures and the front having cingulum pits. These pits and fissures, which are difficult-to-clean areas, are extremely vulnerable to tooth decay because food and bacteria can build up and stick inside them. The sealant material is placed inside these pits and fissures to fill them in, creating a smooth surface that can be easily cleaned.

Does the procedure hurt?

It’s understandable to be nervous about certain dental procedures, but fear not, the dental sealants procedure is a virtually painless one. Most sealants are constructed with liquid resin, which is then brushed onto the teeth fissure or pit and hardens. The entire process only takes a few minutes for both sealant application and drying and then you can be on your way.

How long do they last?

Though you’re going to need to schedule regular appointments with your dentist (which you should be doing anyway) in order to be checked for tooth chipping or sealant wearing, you can expect this dental option to last quite a while. Typically, a dental sealant can protect a tooth from decay for up to 10 years. If you are in need of a sealant replacement, however, your dentist will be able to replace them as necessary.

From fixing a broken tooth to teeth whitening procedures, make sure you’re staying on top of your dental care. If you want to learn more about this or any other dental sealants procedure so you can strengthen your smile and improve your teeth, give StateLine Dental a call today!

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