Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth which are technically referred to as third molars quite frequently require extraction. There are a few reasons why extraction of wisdom teeth are often recommended.

  1. Partial eruption of the wisdom teeth is one of the major reasons which require the extraction of the wisdom teeth. The tooth is partial covered by the gums but is exposed to decay causing bacteria, and are impossible to brush adequately. This leads to extensive decay, and periodontal abscesses.
  2. The wisdom tooth is not coming in straight and is wedged against the tooth in front of it. This will lead to cavities and gum disease on the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth, which is the second molar.
  3. Occasionally, the wisdom teeth come in an adequate position, but the patient experiences such difficulty in getting back far enough to adequately keep the tooth clean, thus cavities and gum disease occur easily.
  4. In a more rare instance, a cyst will form around the third molar that is has not broken through the gum, and is completely embedded in the jaw bone.

Dr. Schwartz has been surgically removing wisdom teeth since he was a U.S. Navy dentist, stationed with the Marine Corps at Quantico in the late 1980’s. The numerous young Marines requiring wisdom tooth extraction was the background which provided Dr. Schwartz with a wealth of experience in this surgical procedure. Following his military service, Dr. Schwartz practiced family dentistry in a rural area. This allowed Dr. Schwartz to follow the developing wisdom teeth of his young patients, and to surgically remove the wisdom teeth when indicated. One aspect of wisdom tooth removal is that there is an optimum period of tooth development which will reduce surgical complications and ease the postsurgical healing.

Call Dr. Schwartz at Carolina Dentistry @ the StateLine (704) 752-7602 to request an examination of your wisdom teeth. The discussion will entail the position and condition of your wisdom teeth. Also, whether the wisdom teeth require extraction, the type of sedation recommended, and what to expect during the healing period following the extraction of your wisdom teeth.