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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth also known as third molars frequently require extraction. Here are a few reasons why extraction of wisdom teeth are often recommended:

  1. A partial eruption of a wisdom tooth is one of the major reasons why removing it is necessary. When the tooth is partially covered by the gums, it is exposed to decay causing bacteria. A partially erupted wisdom tooth is also impossible to brush adequately. This may lead to extensive decay and periodontal abscess.
  2. The wisdom tooth is not upright and is wedged against the tooth adjacent to it. This may lead to cavities and gum disease on the second molar.
  3. Occasionally, wisdom teeth come in an adequate position but the patient may experience difficulty to reach far enough to adequately keep them clean, thus cavities and gum disease occur easily.
  4. In a rare instance, a cyst may form in the jawbone underneath the third molar. This can only be diagnosed through a digital x-ray.

Dr. Schwartz has been surgically removing wisdom tooth since the late 1980’s. It started when he was a U.S. Navy dentist stationed with the Marine Corps at Quantico. The young marines who require wisdom tooth removal provided Dr. Schwartz his wealth of experience in this surgical procedure.

Following his military service, Dr. Schwartz practiced family dentistry in a rural area. This allowed him to follow the developing wisdom teeth of his young patients and to surgically remove them when necessary.

One aspect of wisdom tooth removal is the optimum period of tooth development. This can help reduce surgical complications and ease postsurgical healing.

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