Why Is Bone Quality Important When Getting Dental Implants?

If you are a candidate for dental implants, it is likely that you have lost some teeth or are preparing to have some extracted. Whenever a tooth is lost, the alveolar bone that supports your teeth deteriorates. The reason for deterioration is due to no longer having any stimulation in that area. The alveolar bone is the sac-like bone that contains pockets that enclose around the teeth. Because dental implants are fused directly to the bone, it is important to have a strong alveolar bone.

Weak Bone Unable To Support Dental Implants?

In the event that the bone has deteriorated and is not in good enough shape to support dental implants, it can be rebuilt. It is also important that there is enough gum and if there isn’t, that can be reconstructed as well. To determine the quality of the bone and gums, x-rays and imaging will be done. Most likely, a 3D CT scan will be done. These scans help to plan the proper course of action for a patient and to make certain that the dental implants are accurately placed.

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Preserving or Reconstructing The Bone

While it is entirely possible for bones to be preserved and reconstructed, it’s best to try to prevent the bone deterioration in the first place. When a tooth is lost, in order to preserve the bone, immediate dental implants are suggested. If it is doable, replacement should take place same day, but no later than 6 months to safeguard against bone shrinkage. If more than 6 months has passed and any part of the bone needs to be reconstructed, bone grafting through surgery is the best option. It is advisable to only do this when you are preparing to receive your dental implants so that they can fuse to the bone and prevent any further bone loss. Dental implants are an excellent way to improve your smile as well as stop any future bone deterioration.

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