Why Doesn’t My Dental Insurance Pay for This?

First you have to realize that the dental insurance company’s top priority is to end up with a profit.  That is true of any business.  The insurance company is not truly interested in your dental health.  In fact , they profit greatly from people that have dental insurance and fail to visit the dentist to use their dental benefits.  That being said, dental insurance properly used can be a great adjunct in your quest to seek optimum oral health.

Dental insurance is mostly purchased by and supplied by your employer.  Like automobiles, insurance has many different makes and models with additional features that can be added.  So your dental insurance can be a “Cadillac” with orthodontic and implant coverage, or a stripped down model that just pays for cleanings and extractions.

At Carolina Dentistry @ the StateLine,  Dr Schwartz is interested in you obtaining long term oral health.  He wants to be a partner with you in maximizing your insurance benefits to arrive at the optimum level of oral health that you want to achieve.  The staff at Carolina Dentistry @ the StateLine can analyze the details of your insurance so that you can understand exactly what your dental insurance will cover.  This will allow you to better understand your financial requirements to arrive at the level of dental health  that you want to attain.