Tips for Packing A Tooth Healthy Lunchbox

It’s back to school for most children all over Carolina and that means one thing: In addition to the early morning rush – parents are once again faced with an age-old dilemma: What to pack in their child’s lunchbox? 

Obviously, your child’s lunch is a very important part of their school day. The food you pack will act as fuel for learning, playing and discovering so it’s important that parents make snack selections smartly. Unfortunately this is a lot easier said than done.  Contrary to what packaging will have you believe, most foods marketed towards the lunchbox crowd are packed with sugar- even if it is organic.

Tips for Packing A Tooth Healthy Lunchbox

To take the guess work out of snack shopping, Carolina Dentistry @ the State Line has a few tips for packing a tooth friendly lunchbox.

Be a label – reader

Knowing what is in the food buy is the first step to making smarter snacking choices. While reading the nutritional information on the back of an applesauce pack isn’t exactly riveting stuff, it will help you catch any nasty preservatives / additives that can contribute to tooth decay and behavioral issues in your child. Encourage older children to read the labels too, so they can begin making smarter choices for themselves.

Stay Away From Box Juices

Unfortunately, the only drinks that are GOOD for children’s teeth are milk and water. Even sipping on pure fruit juice throughout the day leaves your child’s teeth exposed to a long term sugar and acid attack. Limit fruit juice drinking to breakfast time if you can.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Are Always Best

1-2 Fresh fruit servings a day will keep your child’s sweet tooth in check and prevent them from craving candy. Cut up veggies like carrots and broccoli that can be dipped in cream cheese are a great alternative to potato chips- and all that calcium is vital for building strong bones and teeth.

We hope all of our patients and their children have a wonderful first semester back at school! Need to schedule a check up? Get in touch here.