Spring Cleaning & Your Health

Spring is here and that means let the spring cleaning begin for many. Spring cleaning prepares the next months to be on track and organized in our homes. Typically, when the spring cleaning is complete many people feel more relaxed and accomplished. Spring cleaning can also have great benefits to your health with the elimination of dust and disinfection.

Spring time is also a time to think about your health. Do you need to do some “spring cleaning” of bad daily habits or maybe get back on track with some important checkups?

Here are some spring cleaning tips to help eliminate items that aren’t helping your dental health:

1. The sodas got to go. Open up your refrigerator, glance at your counter tops and peak into your pantry. Do you have soda bottles, especially more than one? If you do, do yourself a favor and pour them out. Sodas are high in sugar and when consumed frequently can significantly increase your chances for dental decay.

2. Do you have sweet treats or candy tucked away? Maybe you even have left over candy from the recent holidays. Don’t hold onto these just throw them out. Candy is not only bad for your dental health but it also does not supply your body with necessary nutrients or vitamins. With Easter right around the corner getting rid of an abundance of left over treats will leave room on your shelves, eliminate some clutter and fight the urge to indulge.

Spring time is also a great time to plan out your checkups. Dental checkups are important to early detection before a more in-depth problem could arise. Regular dental cleanings are also key to having great overall health. Get your spring cleaning done this year with your health & home in mind, schedule your dental visit today with Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine 704-752-7602.