Oral Health for Seniors Matters

It’s a known fact that no matter your age your oral health plays a major role in your overall well-being. Just like the needs for an infant differ from a senior citizen so do the needs of our oral health. Oral health for the senior population is an important subject. Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine is proud to provide dental care to all members of your family, regardless of their age.

A healthy diet is important. A diet filled with vitamins and nutrients is essential to our health. Individuals who suffer from loose fitting dentures or have chronic tooth pain will adjust their diet for comfort. Many times when we adjust our diet it results in poor quality and quantity. Common complaints among the senior population include ill-fitting dentures, tooth & gum pain along with dry mouth.

The likelihood for use of prescriptions on a daily basis increases significantly with age as well. A common side effect for antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics and more include dry mouth. A proper saliva flow is necessary to help reduce the risk of decay or cavities along with assistance in swallowing and speaking. Dry mouth increases the risk for dental related issues.

The best way to tackle dental issues are before they arise! If you care for an elder loved one remember their dental health is very important. Preventative dentistry plays a major role in great oral health resulting in a greater increase in the chance to sustain a proper diet & lifestyle needed.

We look forward to serving the community of every age. While the impact of oral health on the senior population exists we can work together to make it a positive impact.