Oh No, Not A Chipped Tooth

Thousands of Americans have more than one thing in common including a chipped tooth. We see many patients who have a chipped tooth due to trauma. Restoring a chipped teeth can help build confidence and transform your smile.

The degree of the trauma to the tooth can vary to slight to extreme. There are instances where the trauma is so minimal no treatment is recommended. In other instances, a filling is placed and the shade is match to the natural tooth color. We recommend prior to cosmetic dental work that our patients are happy with the shade of their teeth. If a patient chooses to whiten their teeth it is preferred for the whitening to be completed prior to treatment. At that time, we are able to closely match the new filling to the shade of teeth.

In cases where the chip is more than minimal sensitivity may be noted especially to hot or cold temperatures in the mouth. Restoration to the chipped teeth will help to alleviate the sensitivity along with adding support to the tooth. After completion of the restoration it is recommended to avoid directly biting into apples, etc. to help ensure the longevity of your dental work.

When you have chipped your tooth it is always best to have the trauma evaluated by your treating dentist. Your dentist will provide you with treatment options if necessary. There is no reason to hide your smile if you have a chipped teeth. Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine provides restorative treatment options including cosmetic dentistry to Charlotte, Fort Mill, Lancaster & surrounding ares.