Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and much of your oral health and overall health are related. Here are just a few of oral health issues that shouldn’t be ignored:

– Pain In The Jaw Pain in the jaw can be a sign of TMJ or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Have this pain evaluated by your physician and dentist.
– Dry Mouth We know dry mouth is a condition that can lead to cavities or tooth decay. Dry mouth should be addressed to protect your teeth but can also be a sign of underlying conditions. Some of the underlying conditions include diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, anemia or hypertension. Many medications list dry mouth as a side effect.
– Eroded Enamel Erosion of the enamel leaves the underlying layer of the tooth susceptible to decay. Enamel erosion can be contributed to highly acidic foods and also acid reflux. Acid reflux has recently been shown to have been related to esophageal cancer.
– Gum Discoloration Changing of the color of your gums can be sign of a fungal infection, periodontal disease or oral cancer. Make your treating dentist aware of any changes in coloration of your gums.

Awareness plays a huge role in prevention for great health which makes Men’s Health Month so great. We don’t want men to ignore any signs of potential health issues that can be seen in the mouth. Regular dental and physician checkups help to keep your body healthy! Schedule your dental checkup with Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine today!