Maintain Your Dental Health Today

When it comes to tooth decay it is better to be proactive rather than to procrastinate. Why wait to repair a small filling for a relatively low cost rather than and ending up with a bigger issue? Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine believes in maintaining great oral health.

As most of us already know tooth decay is caused by bacteria eating away at the tooth. If it is caught early enough, in most cases can be easily treated. Often the treatment is quick, painless and reasonably inexpensive to fix. But, if left over time it can quickly spread, causing much more harm to your tooth, the nerve of the tooth, other teeth and eventually surrounding tooth structures. Sometimes even the jaw bone and tissues can be affected, resulting in infection and abscess that can destroy bone.

We understand that many people put off getting dental restorations done because of anxiety over pain or as a result of financial issues, but here at Carolina Dentistry @ the Stateline, we are proud to have the latest technology to help make your treatment quick, effective and painless. We also offer sedation dentistry to help with anxiety and our financial coordinator is available to discuss payment options.

Unlike many other dental offices, we offer a wide variety of treatment options, just in case you have an issue that is more extensive than a filling. The dental team here at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine are patient & knowledgeable. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of taking care of you, but we are here to help get you back on track!

Remember to discuss your needs with Dr. Schwartz at your new patient cleaning or next dental appointment.