Impacted Wisdom Teeth, What You Should Know

Wisdom teeth can cause pain & irritation even if fully erupted. Some individuals are able to keep their wisdom teeth throughout their lifetime without any complications. The number of these individuals however is low.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, often times waking patients up in the night time. As the teeth continue to grow they push on nerves, bone and the molar teeth. This force can cause pain. If the wisdom teeth are able to push through the tissue, care must be taken to prevent infection. The break in tissue, often hard to reach can trap debris and bacteria leading the way to infection.

Impacted wisdom teeth that grow misaligned can cause damage to the adjacent tooth. Pushing and placement on the adjacent tooth can cause decay on the molar tooth. The recommendation for the impacted wisdom teeth to be removed can be both for the health of the surrounding tissue and teeth.

It is commonly suggested for wisdom teeth removal around the age of 18 through early 20’s. Are you heading off to college or on college break? These are some of the most common times throughout the year for patients to have their wisdom teeth removed.

A panoramic radiograph is taken every 3 years to check for any complications that could arise from impacted wisdom teeth. Not sure if your wisdom teeth are in need of extraction? Schedule your visit with Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine today for your routine exam or consultation. We are conveniently located at the juncture of North and South Carolina. Along with the convenient location, our office has hours that suit the needs of our patients.