Do I Need a Night Guard?

Night guards offer great protection from clenching and grinding. Lots of people suffer from the effects of clenching or grinding and may even be unaware they are causing damage to their teeth. A dental night guard may be prescribed to you if you suffer from clenching or grinding.

Bruxism, commonly referred to as clenching affects around 10 percent of adults according to the American Dental Association. Most often clenching occurs while we sleep. Do you wake up with soreness in the jaw area? If so, it is recommended to have your dental professional evaluate you to see if you may be clenching or grinding your teeth.

Along with jaw pain, bruxism can also cause damage to your teeth. You may have fractures or the teeth may appear worn down. This can cause damage to both the natural tooth along with dental work.

A night guard may be prescribed to help protect the teeth from bruxism. A prescribed night guard is fabricated to fit your teeth and bite. These types of night guards are made of a higher quality to last longer with a better fit.

If you are looking for relief and protection from clenching and grinding a dental night guard may be a great dental option for you. If you think you may suffer from bruxism schedule your consult today.