Dental Savings Plan

A Dental Savings Program for Individual & Families without Dental Insurance that allows you greater access to the quality dental care and maintenance that you want at an affordable price

Dental Savings Program Annual Membership Fee Schedule

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Family Members includes Husband/Wife and Children under age 27

Discounted Fees must be paid for at the time services are rendered. Any procedure not paid for on the date of service will be billed at the usual office fee.

Your membership in the Program will be on file with our office. You will receive an email notification of the effective date and an annual renewal notification.

Canceled or Broken Appointments without a 24 hour notice subjects to a $25 fee.

No Dental Insurance?

Get our In-House Dental Savings Plan for $299 a Year Only

No Insurance No Problem?

Advantages of this Dental Savings Program over Dental Insurance Plans

  • Dental Cosmetic procedures are covered
  • Dental Implant procedures are covered
  • No deductibles
  • No denied coverage
  • No yearly maximum benefits
  • No pre-existing conditions limitation
  • No pre-authorizes and waiting periods
  • No claim forms

Program Discount Schedule

Diagnostic and X-rays

Comprehensive and Annual Exam100%
1 Emergency Exam100%
4 Bitewing X-rays (Cavity Disclosing x-rays100%
Periapical X-ray100%
Full mouth X-ray series50%
Cephalometric X-ray50%
3D imaging scan50%
Oral Cancer Screenings50%
Panoramic X-ray50%

Preventative Dentristry

Dental Cleaning (absence of periodontal disease)100%
Fluoride Treatments100%
Additional Cleanings per year25%
Dental Sealants20%

Other Dental Procedures

Dental Fillings & core build-up20%
Root Canals20%
Extractions/Oral Surgery20%
Crown, Bridges, & Veneers20%
Periodontal Cleaning50%

Single Member

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2 Family Members

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3 Family Members

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4 Family Members

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The Patient’s full discounted fee is due on date of service. Cancelled or Broken Appointments without a 24 hour notice subjects to a $25 fee.

Dental procedures Include in this Dental Savings Program at No Additional Charge

  • 3 Dental Exams per year
  • 2 Routine Dental Cleanings per year
  • 2 Flouride Treatments per year
  • Any individual intraoral X-ray
  • 4 Bitewing (Cavity disclosing) X-ray

This program is not a dental insurance plan
This program is a dental fee discount plan

Exclusions & Limitations of Programs

This plan is only honored at Carolina Dentistry @ the StateLine, it cannot be used at any other dental office or center.

No refunds of program payments will be issued at any time if participants decide to stop making use dental the program.

In-office Dental Sedation not covered in this plan.

This Plan cannot be used for the following:

  • For services provided, that are covered by workmen’s compensation insurance or automobile/homeowners medical insurance.
  • For services provided in conjunction with another dental plan, dental insurance, or dental financing program such as CareCredit, etc.
  • For procedures referred to dental or medical specialist.
  • For teeth whitening procedures.
  • For treatment which, in the sole opinion of the dentists at Carolina Dentistry @ the StateLine lies outside the realm of their capabilities.
  • For hospital charges of any time.