TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders are very common. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint which plays a role similar to a hinge connecting the jawbone to the skull. The best advice we can give our patients as dental care providers is to always seek the advice & treatment from your dental professional.

Oral Health for Seniors Matters

It’s a known fact that no matter your age your oral health plays a major role in your overall well-being. Just like the needs for an infant differ from a senior citizen so do the needs of our oral health. Oral health for the senior population is an important subject. Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine is proud to provide dental …

Why Sometimes A Tooth Extraction Is Your Best Option.

The extraction or removal of teeth is a part of dental services provided by Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine. One of the primary goals for all dentists is to preserve the integrity of the teeth. Here at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine we take a very conservative approach to our patients’ dental needs. We also understand there are times when …

Veneers Why They’re Not Just For Celebrities

Dental veneers provide both cosmetic and function as a great dental treatment option for many patients. The first step when deciding if dental veneers are right for you is communication with your dentist about the results you are looking for. Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine has the knowledge and skills needed for amazing results.