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What To Do When You Have Serious Dental Pain: Part 1

broken toothNo one wants to deal with constant dental pain. Even a minor crack in your tooth can result in severe pain that will ruin numerous aspects of your life. If you are re experiencing any kind of dental pain, or are just worried about your smile looking its best, you should visit your dentist and get the help you deserve.

Unfortunately, if you’re the type of person who avoids the dentist at all costs, you may not know where to start. However, these problems rarely go away on their own, especially when pain is involved. So if you’re dealing with any serious dental issues, you must consider talking to a dentist about the available treatments.

Here’s how to get started:

Find a new dentist

Fortunately, no matter where you live in the United States, you should be able to find dentists in your area. In fact, you can find specialty dentists in virtually every major U.S. city. Try to narrow your search to dentists that treat your particular problem. For family care, look for pediatric dentists; for emergency care, search for emergency dentists. Finally, if you have a dental insurance policy, look for dentists that accept your insurance coverage.

When you’ve finally located the right dentist for your needs, contact their office to schedule a new patient visit.

Visit your dentist for treatment

If you are experiencing severe dental pain, you may not have time to wait weeks for an appointment, which is when it’s necessary to find an emergency dentist near you. For more routine dental problems, you may be able to wait for the next available appointment. Often, your first appointment will involve a checkup, cleaning, and referral for followup treatment such as fillings.

With a filling, the decayed part of the tooth is removed and then cleaned right before the filling. This is a relatively easy procedure and will have you looking and feeling better in no time.

Visit your dentist for crowns

Dental crowns are necessary in the case of serious tooth decay or broken tooth issues. Crowns, if done correctly, will permanently remain inside your mouth and look just like real teeth. These crowns can also protect weak teeth, restore a damaged or broken tooth, and even support larger fillings.

Talk to your dentist about dental implants

When major dental care is needed, however, crowns and fillings might not do the trick. That’s when you should discuss receiving high quality dental implants with your dentist. Scientific literature currently suggests that dental implants actually have a success rate of 98%. These implants are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. In fact, there are currently 3 million people with dental implants, and that number is expected to grow by approximately 500,000 each year.

Don’t let any problems with your teeth cause you anymore pain or anxiety. It’s time to get the right help. If you notice a broken tooth, an abscess, or have no idea what’s causing your dental pain, it’s important that you get the right dental help right away.

Looking for an emergency dentist in Charlotte? Then contact Stateline Dental to learn more about emergency dentistry. Also, be on the lookout for part two of this series in dealing with serious teeth problems!

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