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3 Great Techniques for Preventing Dental Cavities

dental careDental care is important at every age. However, even young adults and teens who can finally eat all the candy and drink all the soda their parents never let them have, you need to take care of your teeth to ensure proper dental hygiene later in life. Similarly, you need to take even better care of your teeth when you’re an adult to avoid financial issues from high dental costs later on.

Despite the importance of proper dental care, far too many Americans aren’t taking care of their teeth. Currently, at least one in five Americans have at least one untreated cavity. Why do so many people have untreated cavities? Because too many people were never taught how to prevent cavities from forming in the first place.

If you’re not sure about how to care for your dental hygiene and prevent and treat cavities, you’ve arrived in the right place. Here are some dentist-approved techniques, ranging from home remedies to consulting with an experienced dentist, that will help with your current or future cavities:

  • Sugar-free gum — It might seem simple, but this is one small step you can take toward better dental health right now. Be careful not to chew any gum that has a lot of sugar because that can easily cause more dental issues. Sugar-free gum, however, has been shown in clinical trials to help remineralize tooth enamel.
  • Brush your teeth more often — If you only brush your teeth once or twice a day, you’re not going to see much results in terms of dental hygiene. You need to brush once in the morning and once before you go to bed, but you should also consider brushing or flossing after every single meal. Keep in mind that you should use high quality toothpaste during each brushing session as well. Fluoride is essential for strengthening tooth enamel, so it’s best to use fluoride toothpaste every time.
  • Dental crowns — For extensive tooth decay or a broken tooth, you might need a custom-fitted dental crown. Your dentist will be able to rid your tooth of all the unwanted decay and place a high strength porcelain crown in its place.

Don’t neglect your dental care because you will surely regret it later on in life. If you want to learn more about preventing cavities or are in need of a root canal or teeth cleaning appointment, contact Stateline Dental today.

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