An Answer to A Very Common Dental Question

Most of my teeth are crowns and/or implants, do I still need to have routine dental cleanings?

This question has come up more than once at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine. The answer is simply yes. In fact it is very important you have routine dental cleanings.

Even though your natural tooth may be covered with a dental crown more commonly referred to as a cap, the tooth is still susceptible to decay. Not only can you still get decay, you can also have periodontal issues that can affect the longevity of the crown. Even the best crown doesn’t last forever. Although, if well maintained and with routine dental care dental crowns can last a relatively long time. Avoiding crunchy & extremely sticky foods will help with this.

At your routine dental visit at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine the margins around the crown are checked thoroughly. A loose margin can allow decay to seep under the crown. The crown may become loose over time. If not caught early enough the crown may not be salvageable

Our dental hygienist at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine are skilled and trained with the knowledge to clean thoroughly around every tooth, crowned or not, in your mouth. Debris and plaque left in the mouth begin the process of decay, making thorough cleanings very important. Dr. Schwartz takes great pride in his dental care for every patient. Routine cleanings, checking even those teeth that are crowned, are important for the longevity of your dental work. Your dental health is directly linked to your overall health, don’t put off a routine visit call today.