Aging and Your Dental Health

Aging is a natural process that can influence your oral health. If we understand the possible effects, we are able to combat many issues before they arise. Here at Carolina Dentistry at the StateLine we see patients of all ages and understand how aging plays a role in your oral health.

As we age, for many the likelihood of increased medications for hypertension, diabetes, etc. is known. Medications have side effects and the common side effect that is important to note for your oral health is dry mouth.

Why does dry mouth matter? Dry mouth increases the risk for cavities or dental decay. Saliva helps to remove plaque and food debris and with less of it, the more of the this you will find. Make sure to let your dental provider know all medications you are taking and any changes to your medical health at all dental appointments. Your dental provider may recommend over the counter items to help increase your saliva flow.

As we age our dexterity can also be compromised. The ability to floss and brush properly may become more challenging. Many patients suffer from arthritis and brushing can be very difficult. If it is hard to brush or floss our skilled dental hygienists can work with you on ways to improve your home care. Our hygienists are very knowledgeable and are eager to make sure your home care is top notch.

As we age our dental health still is very important. With the connections from oral health to the bodies overall health we want our patients to understand the importance of great oral health. We look forward to providing answers and suggestions to make sure your oral health is the best it can be at any age.

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